'Care to humans and the environment'
Industrial Safety specialises in the prevention of occupational hazards in risk management and environmental protection in companies with the aim of creating a safe and productive work environment.

Plan & Project of Health and Safety

Plan & Project of Health and Safety

The Plan and the Project Safety and Health are the basic tools for the management of SHE in Construction Projects (CP).

Plan of S.H. is prepared by the coordinator of the technical work during the design phase and is used particularly during its processing.
Ιncorporates the prevention of risks at work in all fields of study and focuses on coordination and guidance to all those involved in the processing.

For each phase of the project and work, describes the method of execution of each project, potential risks and proposed measures to prevent or control. It includes the assessment of occupational risk provided by Article 8 of Decree 17.96.

However, Project of S.H. is the recognition, prevention and risk reduction in the work of employees during any subsequent maintenance, alteration, repair, till its end up.Includes the following:


  •    The registry of the project, namely "as built" drawings and technical description;
  •    Instructions, there will be health and safety issues that should be taken into account in future work, such as work and routine maintenance, repairs to the project.

The syntax of the Project of SH is completed with the project and delivered to the client.

IndustrialSafety is responsible for preparing the following:

  • Plan Syntax for Safety & Health for each type of project, technical or industrial.
  • Syntax of Plan and Project of Health and Safety File at the start of the project
  • Syntax Projext SH at the end step of the project.