'Care to humans and the environment'
Industrial Safety specialises in the prevention of occupational hazards in risk management and environmental protection in companies with the aim of creating a safe and productive work environment.

Safety Officer on Technical Projects

Safety Officer on Technical Projects

With PD 17/1996 tasks assigned to Safety Officer (SO) are obligatory to construction companies / consortia that employ even one employee.

The Security Officer provides the manager of the site written or oral instructions and advice on safety issues and prevent accidents. The written instructions are recorder on a special book and noted by the site manager .

The Safety Officer will contribute to the safe operation of the technical work, including:


  •     Advice on planning work, selection of personal protective equipment, the configuration of secure jobs and generally to prevent accidents.
  •     Control over the security of the machines work and working methods.
  •     Supervise of the working conditions and implementation of safety measures and accident prevention through regular inspections of the job and reports to the employer for any omissions.
  •     Systematic exploration of the causes of accidents.
  •     Formulation of emergency plan and supervision the conduct fire drills and alarm.
  •     Inform workers about the occupational hazard of working in cooperation with a Doctor.
  •     Participation in the development and implementation of education programs.