'Care to humans and the environment'
Industrial Safety specialises in the prevention of occupational hazards in risk management and environmental protection in companies with the aim of creating a safe and productive work environment.

Physical & Chemical Agents Measurements

Physical & Chemical Agents Measurements

Measurements of physical and chemical agents is an obligation to companies where employees may be exposed to any of these factors and achieved the following:

  • Identify physical / chemical factors at work that may be outside the statutory and / or the proposed values so have harmful effects on workers' health, or complicate the work and have an impact on performance.
  • Assessment of occupational risks associated with exposure to the factors measured.

Instruments and specific methodology is required for this reason. industrial Safety offers portable equipment calibrated for proper operation and follows the methods of measurement according to Greek laws and international standards.

Industrial Safety owns appropriately instruments to measure the following factors:

Physical factors:

  •     Temperature
  •     Relative Humidity
  •     Air speed
  •     Noise (labor and environmental)
  •     Lighting
  •     Electromagnetic Radiation

Chemical agents:

  •     Carbon dioxide
  •     Gases (oxygen, carbon oxides, nitrogen, etc.)
  •     Solvents (benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.)
  •     Suspended particulate matter (inert dust, inhalable and breathable, non-inert dust, lead, cobalt, nickel, asbestos, iron)