'Care to humans and the environment'
Industrial Safety specialises in the prevention of occupational hazards in risk management and environmental protection in companies with the aim of creating a safe and productive work environment.

Training SHE at Companies

Training SHE at Companies

The training programs conducted by the Industrial Safety fully meet employer requirements (PD 17/96) and arranged with a view to substantial occupational risk prevention.

Educational programs can be internally (eg seminar ATEX) or for workers (eg education on safe driving forklift trucks).

The organization follows strict procedures implemented by the education inchem Safety

Education services are as follows:

  • Publish of educational materials, brochures, sheets, instructions, etc.
  • In-house staff training, to train workers in a series of specific occupational risks in any business.

The seminars can be subsidized by the LAEK (0.45%)


Industrial Safety offers the possibility of organizing seminars Safety & Health at Work, the following subjects:

  • Basic Concepts and Principles Safety & Health
  • Legislation Health & Safety
  • The Role of the Technical & Safety Physician Job
  • Safe Work with PC
  • Emergency Response for Employees (Fire - Earthquake)
  • Manual Handling of Loads
  • Hand Tools - Power Tools
  • Physical & Chemical Agents

In any case, Industrial Safety can prepare for seminars and business needs of every business.