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Industrial Safety specialises in the prevention of occupational hazards in risk management and environmental protection in companies with the aim of creating a safe and productive work environment.

Explosion Protection Studies - ATEX

Explosion Protection Studies - ATEX

Assignment of studies of explosion protection (ATEX) in Industrial Safety covers the entire spectrum of industry sectors including the field of Industrial Security.

Companies of the following sectors are covered by the ATEX legislation:

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Manufacture of paints
  • Manufacture of wood and metal
  • Food and Feed
  • Oil
  • Production of electricity
  • Natural gas and LPG
  • Biological Treatment

An assignment for ATEX project may include the following services:

Explosion protection document

Flammable materials: Hazard Analysis

• Classification of hazardous areas into zones

Proposals for measures to reduce risk of explosion

Validation and risk assessment of existing equipment

Specifications for the supply and installation of new equipment

• Verification explosion safety before launching equipment

Emergency Plan

Training of personnel